Only 4 kilometres northeast of Molyvos lies Eftalou with its beautiful elaborately irregular coastline and the spectacular view of Asia Minor. Here you can visit the residence of Ilias Venezis and Argyris Eftaliotis. The village also boasts its famous hot springs, rich in chloride and sodium, noted for their healing properties in case of rheumatism, arthritis, gynecological problems and arteriosclerosis.

After having enjoyed your dive in one of its sandy secluded beaches, you are ready to indulge yourself in the fine taste of local delicacies proposed by the surrounding restaurants. If you leave Molyvos and you make your way to Sykamia, you will meet three beautiful villages: Vafios, Argenos and Lepetymnos. Thanks to its delecious titbits and the wide variety of dishes prepared at the local eateries, Vafios is highly visited all year long. As for Argenos, this remote village is said to be the birthplace of the Lesvian writer and philologist, Georgios Valetas, whose house presently operates as a museum. Lastly, Lepetymnos itself is a newly-built village given that 35 years ago it was totally destroyed by a destructive earthquake. The new village was built within a very short distance of the old one.