Our country, like a small paradise on earth, is perhaps one of the few destinations worldwide that can offer its visitors a full range of every kind of vacation they could dream of.

From the high mountains of Mani and Crete, till the vast plains of Thessally, the Aegean or Ionian islands, until the foothills of the Acropolis, in Greece you can combine all at once.

Mountains together with sea sides, the past together with the present, luxurious amenities, or hiking and agrotourism. In Greece you will never get bored and you will never sleep.

You can wander through the narrow side streets full of basil pots, discover the small hidden churches around, visit the unique historical monuments, walk around until the sun sets, or just go out for a wild night until the sunrise. In Greece vacations cannot be constrained in “tourist packages” as this country cannot be confined within stereotypes.

Here you will live your dreams and deepest desires, whether those are holding your other half on the seaside, or looking for adventures and new experiences until dawn.