What could someone write about Molyvos that has not been written before, sung by poets, painted by painters, narrated by writers and visited by thousands of guests until today.

It’s without doubt the most beautiful destination on the island. Molyvos or Mithimna, named after the daughter of King Makara, built with stone and wood, took its second name in 1355, when Lesvos was given to the ruler Gatelouzos Francis A as dowry, and was henceforth known as Molyvos. Maybe due to the abundance of olive trees (Mont d ‘olives = Mount of Olives) in those years, or the plenty rocks of lead present in the region (Lead, Molyvdos in greek = Molyvos).

Whatever you call it, or whichever side you see it from, its beauty will not change. From the mornings walking down its cobblestone streets full of jasmine and vines, until the noon dinner fiestas down at the harbor, the swimming in its silver beach of Eftalou, the baths in its hot springs, preserved from the Turkish occupancy, to the red sunsets in Petra, and its Greek nights from dusk till dawn, Molyvos was, is, and will be, the number one destination on Lesvos…