The third biggest island in Northeastern Greece but the first in delights, Lesvos of poets Sappho and Alkaios has nothing to envy from other tourist destinations in Greece, because Lesvos has everything.

From the endless fields of olive and pine forests, the rare species of migratory birds and flamingos, to the dry hillsides of Eressos and the petrified forest of Sigri, the tall castles of Mytilene and Molyvos to the monasteries and church of Mantamados, Lesvos will give it all to you.

From calm seas to wild waves crashing over the bays, the aura of this island will wrap around you and either you will adore it, or you’ll hate it. There are no half measures in Lesvos. If you love the island, it will love you back, and you will not just bring back typical holiday photos with you, but also memories of a lifetime, from the cool seas, the hot thermal baths, the hospitable inhabitants, the endless narrow streets, the small taverns by the sea and the warm pebbles at your feet…